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Laura Graver and Knathan Mackenzie-Roy and Laura Graver are shown in a scene “Fit to Kill”. Photo courtesy of Amanda Brinke

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"Fit to Kill"
Hi, Just wanted to say we saw the show this afternoon and we loved...loved it. We will spread the word. Thanks

Dotty Lavoie



Congratulations on another wonderful production at Curtain Call Theatre! Rob and I absolutely loved, loved this production! Kept us guessing til the end! Great story, Laura, Knathan and Cristine were fabulous and the set was amazing. It would rival any on Broadway!! Congratulations to the set designer and to Peter!

Congratulations to all!

What a great way to spend a Friday night!

Kathleen and Robert Luria


"Lost In Yonkers"
Hello Carol and Co. at Curtain Call,

I posted this on Google reviews today, following our 1st visit to your venue for last night's performance. We were simply amazed at the intimacy of your venue. There is a LOT to be said in the smaller venues that we prefer as the audience feels "pulled in" to the scene onstage. We'll be ordering our membership later this week. We're happy that anyone can experience a cultural event without having to travel to Albany or NYC.

We wish you the best of luck and keep up the good work.

~Mark White and Betsy Flood
Lansingburgh, NY.


We learned of Curtain Call almost by accident. Our thoughts were to find a more local venue to avoid the hassle to drive and park in either Albany or NYC and Latham is minutes away from the 'Burgh.

Curtain Call met these needs and more !!! It's a bit hard to find at the moment as there isn't a sign on Old Loudon Road at Jeanne Jugan Lane, but we were told that this is being addressed in the very immediate future with a well-lighted sign.

There is adequate parking as the theater utilizes what appears to be a former public area of a housing project with it's own parking lot. The venue is at the end of a private street and there is no street parking nearby. The venue is very tastefully decorated and cozy feeling. There is a small refreshment area that serves coffee, tea and I believe wine. The theater has just over 130 seats with a perfect pitch and absolutely NO bad seats in the house as every seat has a perfect sight-line. We sat in Row C that placed us about 20 feet from the stage. There is a very, very intimate feel to this location that's an improvement over the standard dinner-theater format but still retaining a direct connection with the audience and the on-stage cast.

Curtain Call is actively working on lighting and a few other conversion details. With that said, we don't advise anyone that is interested hold back until everything is perfect, it's a great venue as it is now.

We saw Curtain Call's premiere performance of Neil Simon's Pulitzer Prize winning drama "Lost In Yonkers", a coming of age story set in Yonkers, New York during World War II. Simon's brilliant writing takes what could be a dark, onerous setting into something lighthearted and hilarious as the characters in the family are played against each other. Proving that the family remains society's bedrock foundation. It's thoroughly entertaining work that Curtain Call's cast and crew bring across in perfect fidelity. The cast was polished, professional and obvious veteran stage actors. Special kudos to the young men playing the parts of the central characters, Jay and Artie Kurnitz (Kevin Zuchowski and Micah Juman). Their drama careers will certainly take them far with such a fine experience base.

We were told that every performance since their opening (during the 2nd week of September 2017) has been sold out or nearly so. Word of mouth will spread quickly here and we're going to grab our memberships soon.

Ticket prices are extremely inexpensive and the membership/season passes as well. In example: "Actor's Circle" membership includes 2-season tickets and prices range from $150-$249. Following the run of "Lost in Yonkers" ending October 7th, Curtain Call has two more shows in 2017 and in 2018 there are currently 4 (with an additional TBD) performances through August 4th.

Highly Recommended !!!! Period.

Thank You- Carol and Company for providing us with LOCAL culture, that is affordable and super-convenient.


"Buyer & Cellar"
What are people saying about Buyer & Cellar:

"After the privilege and pleasure of being in the audience for Sunday's (July 16th) matinee performance of "Buyer & Cellar," Roberta and I were at a loss for superlatives to describe the 17-year era final production at your current location. Steve Barnes said it all in the opening sentence of his review in the TU: “Carol Max knows how to pick ‘em, both plays and actors.” You would think by now that we would have gotten a bit blasé about your artistic acumen, but just the opposite is true. We continue to be impressed by the quality of the productions staged at Curtain Call Theatre. Please convey our gratitude and appropriate kudos to Kris Anderson for his insightful, compelling and ultimately humorous performance in what must have been a physically draining exercise.”

~Bob & Roberta Redmond

"Buyer & Cellar"
Kris was incredible! But you knew that. Must have been the director.

~Brad Biondo

"Steel Magnolias"
I have always liked Steel Magnolias; I saw it once in a non-professional version in western New York and I saw the movie. So the play is not new to me. But I was moved to tears (the manly kind, of course) when Shelby died. The play overall is excellent in its wit and pacing. All the performances were good to very good. I thought Robin Leary, Christine Loffredo and Barbara Miner deserve special kudos. But the major credit must go to its director, Cindy Brizzel-Bates. She shows the benefit of her education and in her experience in directing so many and varied plays. And I credit you, Carol, for all you do. I look forward to seeing plays in your new home.


"The Normal Heart"
We finally got to see "The Normal Heart" at Curtain Call Theater. It lived up to its billing as 'brilliant". Carol Max's direction (her acting too) was excellent. Frank Oliva's set design set the stage appropriately stark. Sherry Recinella's costumes were subtle enough to be just about perfect. As for the acting, they all delved deeply into the characters with Chris Foster just an iota ahead of the rest, because his rich voice, even in the quietest moments was clear as a bell and articulate as needed. So profound is the effect of this show that in the talk back session afterwards yours truly was struck speechless....a most unusual situation.

~Patrick Quinn

"The Normal Heart"
Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Normal Heart. It was riveting, beautiful, important and brave. Just sorry I didn't know in advance that there would be a discussion following this performance.

Regards, Resa Siegel Tanner

"The Normal Heart"

Although I went downstairs yesterday to congratulate you and the cast, I want to let you know I woke up still thinking of the play. I have encouraged everyone of my FB friends to go. I realized while watching that although I turned 30 in 1982, I was simply not very aware of what was going on with AIDS! Were it not for the heroes depicted in the play how many more would have died?

Thank you for choosing this play!

Best, Jo Anne Assini

"The Normal Heart"
The Normal Heart at Curtain Call Theatre is an incredibly moving and important piece of theater and I am privileged that I was lucky enough to witness such tremendous performances. Chris Foster, Kris Anderson, Nick Bosanko, Michael A. Lake, Isaac Newberry, Jacob Luria, and the rest of the cast and crew, congratulations! I was too emotional to stay after and congratulate you all personally! Don't miss this folks!!

~Katie Weinberg

"The Normal Heart"
I thought tonight's presentation of The Normal Heart was one of the best plays I've seen at Curtain Call (and I've seen many). The set design, the actors and the direction all went together beautifully.

Your actors really presented the messages of the play, and obviously the directors kept things going properly.

Good show!!

Edith Kliman

"The Normal Heart"
In the moments when I'm not performing, or in the rehearsal process, it is so important to me to practice self care. Working out, seeing the friends I've missed, catching up on Netflix and watching others perform and create. I am so inspired and in awe of my peers. Particularly, when they take on something that is not only moving or touching, but informative and educational. Actorvism.

I saw such a piece last week and I haven't stopped thinking of it from the moment I shared in that creative space. Theater is fun. Theater is creative. Theater gives us a means to escape but art is life and when I see something that gives a strong voice and physical representation to communities and voices that would not have otherwise been widely heard, I am deeply moved to say the very least.

Don't miss The Normal Heart at Curtain Call Theatre. From start to finish, from staging to performance, this is an extraordinary, moving, emotional, important journey, that you absolutely need to take. There's a matinee and an evening show today, a matinee tomorrow and back on next week. This is production that must not be skipped

Angelique Nina

"The Normal Heart"
I saw "The Normal Heart" last night, as part of a good sized house full of very moved people. Go see this play. Suffice it to say that, having been a music and theater student in New York City during the period depicted in this play, it triggered a lot of emotions for me. But it clearly also did so for every other member of the audience. As a result of tremendously strong performances from the cast, along with an amazing set and poinient direction, the audience was riveted. You will be too. Go see this play. Seven shows left.

Rob Weber

"The Normal Heart"

What are people saying about The Normal Heart? Check it out below and make your reservation today! The Normal Heart continues through April 30th.

"The Normal Heart endures and remains timely becasue it is a story about everyone's struggle to overcome and fight human indifference, to demand truth and and the universal right to love unconditionally."

~The Daily Gazette

"Outstanding performance, directing, setting, et al. A perfect cast did a wonderful job"

~Sheila and Harvey Randall

"The Normal Heart"
"Applause, applause to the cast of The Normal Heart"

~Benita Zahn (April 15th)

"The Normal Heart"
April 14
Just saw "The Normal Heart" at Curtain Call Theatre. What a fantastic production! Do not miss this, and thank you Meris Entin Ruzow for this wonderful recommendation! And, congratulations and best wishes to this outstanding and important organization as they prepare to move into their beautiful new home!

Linda Waxman Finkle

"The Normal Heart"

April 13
Just came home from seeing "The Normal Heart" at Curtain Call Theater in Latham. Of all the shows I've seen there through the years, this is hands down one of the best productions. You must try to see this!

Meris Ruzow

"Love, Loss and What I Wore"

Carol and Peter,

My sister and I recently saw this play, and loved it. I don't think we ever laughed so hard. The actresses were so fun to watch, and quite entertaining. Can't wait to see what else you have in store. Love this theatre.

Kathy and Julie

"Bakersfield Mist"

Carol and Peter,

Luke and I absolutely loved your new production, Bakersfield Mist. Everything about this play makes it a must see - terrific acting, a thought-provoking theme, a fabulous set. It's often funny, sometimes tragic, and wholly believable in its own unbelievable way! I'll be sure to tell everyone I know to get to Curtain Call for yet another tour de force!
Thanks you for continuing to bring great theater to our area.
Rachel Swire

"Living on Love"

Not since Abigail 1702 in Fall 2013 have I been totally blown away--enamored with a performance. LIVING ON LOVE is perfection. Yay, you!

-- Kim Breen, Subscriber


Peter and Carol,

Saw and enjoyed Sleuth last night. Such a great great play and well presented. Wonderful set too. Love your selections of usual. Thanks for providing endlessly enjoyable date nights for me and hubby.

Marge Ryan


I saw Sleuth last night and enjoyed it. You chose a good play that worked well on the stage. The two actors were excellent in their parts. Another success.

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